Organic Nanoparticles and Their Assemblies


The Problem: A long-standing challenge in organic-based semiconducting materials is the fabrication of functional films with the tailored molecular order for each component on the nanoscale (<100 nm) and targeted assembly of the components on the mesoscale (>100 nm-100 μm). Fabricating such complex hierarchical structural features over multiple length scales is daunting if the films consist of two or more components and the structures are non-equilibrium.

Our Approach: The long term goal of the DV Group is to develop a new supramolecular paradigm where organic molecular components are first assembled as NPs that are then used as building blocks for further assembly to create mesoscale structures.  The assembly of nanoparticles (NPs) into mesoscale structures is emerging as a powerful method to control molecular assembly over multiple length scales and provides a pathway to address the long-standing challenge. 

Impact of our Work: We expect that our work will enable controlling molecular assembly over multiple length scales and obtaining morphologies that are difficult to obtain using existing tools for self-assembly or with desired organic materials. We will have the capability to independently tune the domain size and the molecular assembly within each domain, while keeping the morphology the same and vice versa, which thus far has been elusive.

Status: Current and ongoing
  • The publications from our work so far in this area are listed here.

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